Mt Everest has many names

It is a place where many rest for ever

After meeting their end

While reaching for a dream.


Why climb the highest mountain?

Risk life and limb in ice and snow?

I will never know.

Hardship is not my thing.


Climbers who have lost their loved ones

Have made a compelling film,

Which made me dream about

Ice ledges, lost fingers and frozen corpses.


Today,  a Japanese will try again

To reach the summit

He had previously lost 9 fingers

And will be going alone.


Is he suicidal?

What will he do if he does return?

Will he get bionic hands?

A plastic nose? A medal band?



Mt Everest was a fine mountain admired from below

Until George Everest climbed right up to the top of it.

Sagarmatha is what the locals call it.

Tibetan see it as the mother of the universe: Chomolungma


In Chinese it sounds similar: Qomolangma

Maybe tonight we will learn the Japanese name.



Moona Perrotin 2015