Shinrin-Yoku: Forest Bathing

Lapped by a sweet wind

Which caresses my skin

I bathe in the dappled light

The forest sprinkles me in.


Relaxing my senses are awakened

And stirred to be present.  The experience

Is pure pleasure as oxygen-rich air

Floods my nostrils and lungs.


This forest bathing should not

Be a luxury but birthright

Of every human.  Not therapy

But everyday reality.


Watching birds and insects, butterflies

And caterpillars, fallen leaves and buds opening

On trees, green shoots pushing through coarse bark

Relieve the pain of city life


The spark of life is here and everywhere

In the green forest, our original home,

My heart sings.


When next you plug in your mobile phone

To recharge, leave the house you’re in

And find a forest or park to practice Shinrin-Yoku.

Unplug your mind and recharge you soul.



© Moona Perrotin