Haiku: Back to the Start

Aligning one's per-

sonality with one's soul

makes crystals sing deep


in the earth while

sun spots and solar flares in-

flame minds, wars follow.


if we remain un-

aware of rationalised

emotions within


they explode

un-asked and take us back

to the start.

Old Souls


When reading poetry

Brings a smile to my face

And four by four syllable rhymes

Evoke the person’s life

While compelling me to write,

It is a good thing.


There may be a connection

Between our souls across time.

Rhymes and insights

Even passions and aspirations

Being shared somehow

As though we had once known each other.


A pigeon cooes, an eagle soars

And smaller birds are busy

During this hour before darkness.

How can words in poems and songs

Resonate within me

like well attuned guitar-strings?