We are all guilty.

We will all die.

Death is the only equalizer.

Even that can be questioned.

Earth will survive.


If global warming is of our making

It was programmed into evolution

The use of hands, the use of tools

The making of fire and of machines

Is evolution.


If the smoke destroys us, so be it.

Was the spectacle worth it?

Only if earth survives and someone remains to see it.

No one lives as though global warming

Could be stopped.


Is that a moral issue?

What is morality?

Survival of the fittest or

Survival of humanity?

Should we have learned from history?


Archaeologists tell us that once thriving

Kingdoms have collapsed.  They tell us

That wisdom that had been found and documented

Was lost when stronger barbarians invaded

Or a cruel religion took over, burning books.


Destroying shrines and sacrificing children.

A sign of the times of destruction, devolution.

It is happening now

As the world is getting hotter,

Spewing debris, spewing at us

Who love ourselves too much.


Are we gods if the earth is destroyed by us?

Since harnessing fire we have thought of ourselves

As powerful,

Creatures made to rule and do as we please.

We shall reap.


Moona Perrotin 2015