Power of the Moon


Is reflected sunlight.

What is so powerfully reflecting it?

Dust?  Rock?   Metal?  Gas?


Like a parabolic mirror

The moon focusses the light

Of the sun and makes it stronger.

Too strong for me and my sanity.


This year I was going to watch

The eclipse of the moon happening

And exposed myself for the first time perhaps

Since 1989 to the full light of the moon

For several minutes repeatedly.


What does it do to me?  What do I feel?

A tingling and tightening of my scalp.

A sensation like an emptiness,

A cold hollow where the sinuses are

Behind the third eye.


I feel it without seeing the moon

Before the sun goes down.

Because I do not want to drive,

While the moon is out,

people call it anxiety.


It alters me, distracts me, removes barriers of good upbringing.

I am liable to engage in life-changing spontaneous actions.

This year I bought a keyboard, piano, organ, clavicin!

Playing it is opening my ears to true listening.


Outside in the night the crickets are chirping

The moon is still almost full.

I have been playing Hallelujah.


Moona Perrotin 2012