Be Like Water

Water is the origin.

It very simply consists of one

Element number one: hydgrogen


And two elements number eight: oxygen.

It is bipolar, highly reactive and combines readily

With any other substance.


Water flows, it dissolves and lubricates.

Water holds the world together in a cycle

Of rain, ice, snow and river flow.


As mist it rises, as fog it conceals,

It can form clouds and rain down,

Gathering in streams that flow into the sea.


The babe in the womb floats in natal water.

The fish in the sea consecrate themselves

To conserving energy by swimming in swirls.


Lakes create abundance via edges of reeds.

Muddy ground brings forth fish, tadpoles 

And insects that feed birds.


Lake water seeps into the surrounding land

Creating fertile soil and attracting animals 

to drink from the source.


Water can bring peace or be reason for war.

Water reflects the heavens or is tumultuous

Like hell.  Water is life giver.


Be like water!

Adapt to the surrounds,

Flow with the tides.  Recede underground


When too hot the sun shines.

Water is versatile.

Be like water: alive!


Moona Perrotin for Science Rhymes c 20017